How iPhone helped find my passion for videography

It all started 6 years ago when I purchased a new iPhone. One afternoon I was exploring all the different apps and came across the iPhone’s movie editing app.

My name is Patricia and I am a graphic artist, web designer and an artist. All of my life I knew that I needed to create for a living and worked hard to accomplish this

I never thought that at 40 years old I would discover a new passion for creating video content

I live on Anna Maria Island with my husband Rainer Scheer, he is the founder of Chillounge Night and Florida Furniture Rental. We had family visiting that weekend and just like the rest of the world had tons of cellphone video clips. This is when I decided to explore the new iMovie app I found on my phone. Putting scenes together, picking a theme, choosing a song it was all new to me, I spent hours working on this little video and once it was finished and was able to share, I felt so happy and accomplished, it was a special new feeling..

Started researching camera equipment, what type of songs I could use on videos and spent hour after hour watching tutorials and like everything else you want to be good at in life, practice, practice, practice.

What did my never ending research find?

For licensed music I found a website called I started a yearly subscription where I can download as many licensed songs as I want. For social media purposes (reels and stories) I use famous hip songs which are available to everybody.

For editing videos I stay with my Adobe Programs, my favorite is Adobe Premiere Pro and some times I use Adobe After effects but only for logo intros.

I am a graphic designer so am able to use my logos and designs as part of my video production jobs.

My camera equipment, For drones I chose the DJI Mavic Mini 3 

My first iPhone video:

I knew that my artistic eye would benefit my newly found passion for video and was lucky that my husband’s type of business gives me opportunities to play around with my camera,. He is a big event producer so you can imagine how exciting it is to play around with my camera at one of our various events that feature artists, music and color.

2 years into my video journey I decided that I needed to have those cool bird eye view camera angles so what did I do? Yes, I purchased my new expensive drone and once again went into study mode and started preparing for my drone pilot license. I got an 88 on my test and the rest is history, I have flown my drone at the beach, constructions sites and even in Mexico!

First Drone Flight:

Fast forward to 2021, 6 years after starting my video journey and I am now proud of the quality of work I produce… Learning never stops with me, there are always new tricks to learn and new equipment to add to my growing arsenal of video tools.
What I love the most is mixing up drone footage, regular video footage and when possible add cool GoPro shots, photographs and voice over mixed in with licensed music to match. My husband and I now offer videography and photography services to our furniture rental clients and that seems to be a match made in heaven.
I firmly believe that memories are what is most important in life. For special birthdays I came up with what I call “A bouquet of memories” . Mixing photos and videos from past experiences with special video messages of loved ones From far away places..
My husband and I love to travel the world and I often travel with my drone and the tiniest 4K video camera I could to put together a special travel video to have as a special keepsake of our life together… Our social media followers love these and years from now I will be able to watch and remember the places we traveled to.

Proud moment: My video going viral with almost 90k views!

What’s coming next? Just keep doing what I love while learning new techniques.

Latest video projects below:

Patricia at work: