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Ink Graphics Media is a branding firm based in Florida with clients located all over the world. With an artistic emphasis on design, client relationships and a tailored branding process, Ink Graphics Media offers unconventional solutions for impactful branding experiences.
Entrepreneur.com says, “an effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.”

Synonyms for brand:
logo, symbol, trademark, emblem, hallmark, heraldry, imprint, logotype, marker, sign, stamp, welt

Source: www.thesaurus.com

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Search online for graphic designer websites and you will not find another with the experience that Ink Graphics Media offers its clients.
Ink Graphics Media was founded by an artist and is run by a team of creatives virtually connected and ready to provide the best service and customer service.

Ink Graphics Media

Even though Ink Graphics Media is based in Florida we have clients all over the country even some with locations in South America.

Services We Offer:

Florida Branding, Florida Logo Design, Florida business card design, Florida printing, Florida product renderings, Florida 3D logo rendering, Florida website design and development, video production, Florida social media marketing, Florida SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For immediate assistance visit our Contact Page or call us directly at 727-385-4492

What is the meaning of branding?

A brand is not only a recognizable name and logo that distinguishes you in a crowded market.

Your brand is a combination of all your marketing efforts, it is how possible customers perceive you—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.

How to build a strong brand

1. Do some research, about your target audience and what your competitors are doing.
2. Choose what your business will focus on and what message you want your potential customers to perceive.
3. Pick a Business Name, a name that is unique
4. Choose a website name, something that is short, catchy and easy to remember (type on a browser)
5. Think about a slogan (7 words or less)
6. Design a Logo and think about an icon that will work well for all of your social media pages)
7. Think about social media and create them
8. Decide on a marketing budget to get the word out about your business
9. Promote, Promote, Promote

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Patty at Ink Graphics Media was great to work with. Very good communication, High-quality designs, and efficient. She made every effort to make my logo stand out and generated many creative ideas. Every request that I had she met without hesitation. I will definitely be using Ink Graphic's services in the future. I would recommend Ink Graphics to anyone looking to give their brand a new image or to new businesses looking for graphic work!
Andrew Mimault
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