Full Service Video Production Services

At Ink Graphics Media we focus on marketing video production services such as branding videos, video testimonials, product videos, logo intros and more. Our drone pilot is drone certified!

Video Production Samples

According to Forbes.com
Today, consumers are overloaded with stagnant content from brands. Through customizing voices, facial expressions and music, marketers are able to produce emotionally charged and engaging videos. Video content is not only the perfect tool for standing out on a cluttered timeline but can also easily be shared by consumers.

Drone Videography

We are happy and proud to announce that this year we became Drone Certified! Check our Drone Videography page for more information about our drone video production services. For immediate assistance call us at 727-385-4492 and ask for Patricia.
“You must register your aircraft as a non-model, unmanned aerial vehicle. You must adhere to the FAA’s Small UAS Rule, Part 107. It is an absolute requirement that if you operate your drone under this second set of rules that either you or someone supervising you has a valid remote pilot’s license”
Drone Videography, Ink Graphics Media

Marketing Video Production Services

Video content for social media has exploded in 2018. Consumers love to watch videos online. Video views have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. On Twitter, a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet. If you have not thought about using video for your social media channels you are losing potential customers. Give us a call today at  727-385-4492 to discuss a plan for your video needs and don’t worry, we will put together a plan that will not break the bank!