inspiration during the coronavirus

Our drone video went viral!

On Saturday, March 28th, 2020 we went for a walk on Anna Maria Island (Patricia Filomeno, owner of Ink Graphics Media and husband Rainer Scheer, founder of Florida Furniture Rental are local Anna Maria Island residents) and spotted Jim working on a sand installation with the mission to share Peace and love in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I am so proud that our video served as inspiration for thousands of people” said Patricia. Video was sent to ABC7’s Bob Harrigan and after just 9 days it got over 82,000 views!
“We are all in this Together” and remember, Peace, Pass it On.

This video was recently uploaded to YouTube. To view viral video click here.

“This is totally awesome! doing just what I wanted to do, the message is getting out there. It’s all about peace. Thanks for passing it on, that’s what it’s all about”

Artist, Jim Shipley

Our favorite comments:

  • Incredible uncle jimbo!! The world needs to see more things like this right now!
  • Keep spreading your message, dad. Love you!!
  • Thank you so much for sharing my video Bob ❤️❤️❤️ It is a great message the artist shared with us all.. We are all in this together
  • Really cool post Jes 🌅💕💙
  • Truth and Beauty Missing home so badly!!!! In Texas-hope to see this place I Love soon❤🌞
  • I honestly had hoped a sculptor/artist would do something like this ❤️ I love it!
  • We see this everyday from our condo window❤️
  • Great job Patricia Filomeno!!!
  • We met Jim on the beach everyday his drawings are great
  • Stunning!
  • HEY I was there. Loved it.
  • I see it every morning when I walk…love it. Peace.
  • Love it!!!! Great job! Ink Graphics Media
  • Only 10 minutes away! Enjoy the calming peace of this.
  • Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island… a beautiful reminder.