Phoebe Samba Team

Phoebe Samba Team's Logo Design & Apparel Printing

Our great friend and Brazilian samba queen, Phoebe Vecchioni, asked us to design and produce their “Phoebe Samba Team” logo and team uniforms. We started off by first thinking about what their uniforms will consist of, after a few days of going through ideas together with Phoebe and Marty (Phoebe’s husband and team manager), we decided on a very sexy & cool bodysuit. 

The final logo is a mix between Phoebe’s name, the Brazilian flag and a heart which is one of Phoebe’s famous dance moves. Thank you Phoebe for lettings us help you bring Phoebe’s Samba Team logo to life.

Photo taken from Phoebe Samba Team’s instagram stories… Follow Phoebe

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