Patricia Filomeno Interview

Patricia Filomeno, an artist and a business owner of a successful full service marketing firm, Ink Graphics located in Palm Harbor, FL has recently launched a new community exclusively for businesses located on US 19, Florida.

Patricia, tell us a little bit more about the I Love US 19 FL Community
I used to have a small business in Tarpon Springs many years ago. It failed because I did not know what to do to be successful. I would sit on my chair day after day hoping that people will just show up at my door. The truth is that if people don’t know you exist they will never come to you. I Love US 19 FL was created to help those businesses spread the word about who they are and what they do.

I Love Us 19? A lot of people would ask why that name? Love is certainly not the word people think when they talk about US 19
That is true, but that is exactly why this is such an interesting idea. When people read the name I Love US 19 FL they stop and think for a second, and then they see that it is not about loving the actual highway but the business owners that reside on this corridor.

What do you want to accomplish with this new community
I want this to be the biggest community of businesses in Florida. We are working hard to create a community that makes its members proud to be a part of. We want it to be cool to Love US 19. We want to promote knowing your neighbors and doing business with each other. A community that works together to help each other to be successful

How can businesses get involved?
We are looking for the community to Like our Facebook page: We post a lot of interesting facts about our members and history of US 19. We also have a Google+, Instagram and a YouTube Channel.
They can join our group by going to our website: we have very affordable membership pricing.

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