Ink Graphics Partners with Chillounge Night

Ink Graphics, a company with ample experience in delivering digital marketing solutions to businesses with services ranging from graphic designs, branding and social media development is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Chillounge Night, an exceptional event planning company with a vast range of clients as well as wealth of experience in the art of chilling.
This synergy between two companies of diverse niches yet the same goal which is to harness both our potentials to offer our customers complete marketing services when it comes to event production. The partnership would combine Ink Graphics expertise in business solutions for companies and brands with Chillounge Night’s artistic creativity to reach out to an even larger clientele and we hope to with this partnership solidify our position as the preferred choice for business solutions in the United States.

Chillounge Night was established in 2008 by Rainer Scheer with a goal which is to with each event create “A Night to Remember” for all attendees by transforming simple outdoor spaces into magnificent relaxation lounges.
In this day and age, a fusion between technology and artistic creativity is essential to not only satisfy our clients in both English and Spanish markets but also set us apart from competitors. It is for these reasons that your one-stop shop for digital marketing solutions, Ink Graphics has partnered with Chillounge Night. As with all working partnerships, both companies have set goals and plans to effectively harness this synergy to further satisfy our ever increasing number of clients. Following this partnership, one of the many things Ink Graphics and our partners Chillounge Night is looking to achieve together is establishing a print shop with a difference; one that is run by professional graphics designers.

CEO of Ink Graphics Patricia Filomeno expressed her excitement at the partnership in a statement which reads “What makes this partnership unique is that the creative director (President) is an accomplished artist so there is a mix between technology and artistic creativity” said Patricia
We look forward to providing our clients with better marketing solutions and improved strategies to help our clients’ brands fulfill its potentials.
Thank you for staying with Ink Graphics.

About Chillounge Night

Chillounge Night was established in 2008 by Rainer Scheer and is registered with The United States Patent and Trademark Office. The goal of each event is to create “A Night to Remember” for all attendees via the unique transformation of simple outdoor space into a magnificent relaxation lounge.
The combination of great entertainment, subtle lighting, 2 semi-trucks of chic outdoor furniture, and outstanding service staff creates the “Ultimate cool outdoor lounge experience”.
A variety of food and beverage option ensures the full conversion into a relaxed environment and sets this annual event night apart from other social gathering entertainment events. Chillounge Night provides a “one of a kind” opportunity to promote your brand and create an envious Business to Business communication platform.

About Ink Graphics
We work collaboratively and are often considered by our clients to be an extension of their marketing and communications team. Whether developing a new brand, creating a new website or a suite of marketing and communications materials, we always deliver compelling solutions that are supported by solid research and strategy to help your brand fulfill its potential.

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