Drone Video Production

We started our drone videography business about a year ago and what an adventure it has been! 

“I used to think the sky was the limit. I was wrong.”
Ink Graphics Media, Drone Certified Pilot

We are drone certified!

When undergoing training to become a certified drone pilots, applicants are tested for their cultural, theoretical and technical knowledge, teaching them about how to operate a drone safely while respecting the laws of aviation.
Failure to follow these rules can result in large fines and in some cases, legal action.
The knowledge trained drone pilots have will help them perform commercial aerial tasks with precision, efficiency and safety.
Drone Videography, Ink Graphics Media

3 Reasons to hire an experienced certified drone pilot:

1. They have your safety and the safety of others in mind when operation their drone.

2. Delivery a quality product. Because of their hours of studying and drone flying practice you can be sure they will know what they are doing. Also ask for samples of their work.

3. Make sure that they are also very confident about editing your drone footage after they are done shooting the scenes. What would you do with unedited drone videos? it is important that your pilot also knows how to put a quality video together.

View our latest drone video created for the 11th Annual Chillounge Night in N. Straub Park, St Petersburg.

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