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Branding Your Business ideas for the last few months of 2018!

YES. It is true, 2018 is coming to an end and it is now time for us to think about this year and what we wished was in place for us to have a most successful 2019. Go get a pen and paper and write down how this year is going so far and ask yourself the following questions:1. Do …...

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The day I hired my 9 year old nephew to create a comic book for me

I love my nephews and a few months ago I asked my 9 year  old (at the time he is 10 now)… Hey how would you like me to hire you to create a comic book for my company? I thought this would encourage the entrepreneurial and creative spirit in him. Right away he said oh yeah! He got so …...

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Every day we meet business owners, some are starting their business and others are trying to revamp their image. What connects them all is how passionate they feel about what they do for a living....

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