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10 Year Challenge

When I saw "friends" on Facebook posting their #10YearChallenge photos, I started to look back on Facebook, Google and on my archives to find out where I was 10 years ago and to my surprise I saw that it has been exactly 10 years since......

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Happy Holidays from Ink Graphics Media

Best wishes for a happy new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success. We hope that you had a successful 2018 (in business and personal life) and we would like to give you some ideas to make 2019 a kick-ass year! Tips to make 2019 an even better version of 2018: 1. Make a list of all that you …...

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Drone Video Production

We started our drone videography business about a year ago and what an adventure it has been! “I used to think the sky was the limit. I was wrong.” Ink Graphics Media, Drone Certified Pilot We are drone certified! When undergoing training to become a certified drone pilots, applicants are tested for their cultural, theoretical and technical knowledge, teaching them …...

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Our New Love for Video Production!

Video production and photo shoot in front of The Dali Museum¬† and Mahaffey Theater A few days ago we packed up our car and headed down to beautiful downtown St Petersburg. We took our GoPro Hero 5, Canon Camera, Nikon video camera, tripods and a whole lot of excitement as we helped our partners Chillounge Night and Florida¬†Furniture Rental setup …...

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Florida Branding Firm

Branding Your Business ideas for the last few months of 2018!

YES. It is true, 2018 is coming to an end and it is now time for us to think about this year and what we wished was in place for us to have a most successful 2019. Go get a pen and paper and write down how this year is going so far and ask yourself the following questions:1. Do …...

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